Upcoming Exhibition: Distanced Domestic
Distanced Domestic   |   London, UK   |   MKII (The Old Dairy Hall) 2021   |   https://www.co-curation.co.uk/copy-of-exhibitions-1
Past Exhibition:  switch 2020 / HOME
Nenagh, Ireland from the 1st - 7th November 2020
7 Evenings of cinema in the town, where stories on screen blend with those who encounter them.
Responding to the theme of HOME this years participating artists are: Aaron Smyth [Ireland], Bengisu Uykusu [Turkey], Chris Bowman [Scotland], Hassan Darghmeh [Palestine], Maria Vedder [Germany], Mary Reynolds [Ireland], Max Hilsamer [Germany], Melissa Ryke [Australia], The ManosBuckius Cooperative [USA].
Contemporary video/film works from national & international artists are back-projected from twilight – midnight onto coated windows, transforming spaces & shopwindow into screens in the townscape.
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